Toronto Semiotic Circle Constitution

  1. The Toronto Semiotic Circle is a non-profit association incorporated in the province of Ontario (Canada) since December 5, 1979. [Ontario Corporation number 000429149]

  1. Its aim is to promote research and facilitate communication among scholars interested in semiotics understood as the multidisciplinary study of information, meaning, sense-making, communication, interpretation, translation, natural and artificial sign systems and processes, symbolic interaction, cultural change, and their biological and social substrates, and all other relevant topics that may emerge from future research, models and theories.

  1. The Board of Directors will be members who are also Fellows of Victoria College. The Principal of Victoria College will be invited as ex-officio member of the Board of Directors.

  1. Any faculty member, graduate student, or independent researcher holding a doctorate, can become a member under the conditions specified by the board of directors.

  1. The officers of the association will include a president, a vice-president, a general secretary, a secretary- treasurer, and a member at large.

  1. The president with the assistance of the general secretary will chair all the business meetings of the association and ensure that they are conducted in agreement with the constitution and its bylaws. The vice-president will be the president-elect and will assist the president in his/her duties. The activities of the Circle will include monthly meetings in which relevant papers will be presented and discussed, occasional symposia and conferences, and publications online. The secretary-treasurer will maintain the membership list and will manage the budget of the circle.

  1. The officers of the association may appoint a Chief Executive Officer for one year (renewable) if they believe that such a function has become necessary for the effective management of the Circle.

  1. The membership will elect every year in April the officers for the next academic year.

  1. Speakers will be decided by the officers of the Toronto Semiotic Circle. The officers will not schedule themselves to be speakers.

  1. Any changes to this constitution will have to be submitted to the membership for approval with a two-third majority.

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