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The well-being of the Vic community remains a top priority. Human Resources has compiled a list of employee supports that are available to you.


Guidelines for Managing COVID-Related Absences

Working Remotely and Resilience Resources

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  • Top 5 course recommendations for successful resilience and remote work:
  1. Building Resilience
  2. Working Remotely
  3. Time Management: Working from Home
  4. Cultivating Mental Agility

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University Actions Type of Mask/PPE Standard Usage

RECOMMENDED - Medical Masks

  • Victoria University will have an available supply of Level 2 masks (with 3 layers)
  • Managers can request a supply of medical masks from the Dept of Infrastructure and Sustainability
  • Managers will provide medical masks to employees who may forget, lose, soil or need to replace their medical masks.
  • Instructions for use
Well-fitted medical mask  ASTM Level 2-3
  •  Per Toronto Public Health, qualities of a good non-medical mask include masks that are made of at least 3 layers of tightly-woven fabric or 2 layers with a filter.
  • Individuals may also opt to wear personally owned medical masks 
  • Non-medical mask/cloth mask is not recommended unless layered with a medical mask
  • Medical Masks + Eye Protection (i.e. goggles) are required in certain activities/tasks where physical distancing cannot be consistently followed. E.g., some areas in the Dining Hall; certain operational contexts, e.g. close proximity work in utility closets, maintenance work, etc.

OPTIONAL - Respirators

  • Staff and Faculty may wear Respirators in lieu of medical masks for certain activities
  • Victoria University has a limited supply for employees to use on an optional basis.
  • Managers can request a one-time only supply from the Dept of Infrastructure and Sustainability
  • instructions for use
 Non-fitted, disposable N95 and KN95 respirators   

N95s are NIOSH (US Standard) approved KN95s are not NIOSH approved.

KN95 meet Chinese standard


  • Instructors and certain employee groups may consider wearing non-fitted N95s in lieu of medical masks for certain activities
    • e.g. involving aerosol generating tasks where physical distancing cannot be consistently followed.
    • e.g. working with children, singing and wind/brass instrument use related to performances, certain operational contexts
  • Per the provincial government, non-fitted N95 respirators are not required but may be used by staff in schools (i.e., elementary or secondary schools) and licensed childcare settings as an optional alternative to medical masks. For licensed childcare facilities, units may request supplies through the province/local public health.
  • Instead of non-fitted N95s or KN95s, a well- fitted medical mask may also be worn for the above scenarios.

REQUIRED - Respirators

  • University will arrange for Residence Staff and Dons to complete fit-testing and training
  •  Fitted N95 disposable respirators + Eye Protection 

NIOSH approved, fit-tested, seal checked


Individuals must complete Respiratory Protection Training and Fit-Testing.

  • Activities where physical distancing cannot be consistently followed and are higher risk in nature such as providing healthcare to suspect/probable/confirmed COVID-19 cases, providing care to vulnerable groups, providing first aid (e.g. CPR) in high-risk settings (residences).