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In this section managers can access helpful tools and information in support of HR processes, including recruitment, on-boarding, Dayforce and more.


Request to Hire

Managers are asked to obtain approval for hiring requests by completing a Request to Hire form. Please refer to the Hiring Guidelines and the instructions provided below to complete the Request to Hire form.



Performance and Development Program

The Performance and Development Program at Victoria University is a program developed for Professional, Managerial and Confidential (PM &C) staff, with the objective of driving dialogue around continuous growth and development between managers and their staff. It is a cycle that includes three key phases: Goal Setting, Regular Check-ins, and the Year-End Performance Assessment.

Through open communication and consistent feedback, managers support their staff design goals and developmental plans that are aligned with departmental and university priorities. PM & C staff are encouraged to jointly reflect on performance with their managers to identify opportunities for growth and achieve optimal results. Relevant plan forms and helpful tools are provided below: