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Nick Saul, ChancellorNick Saul Vic 9T0 is an internationally renowned food and social justice activist. 

An Officer of the Order of Canada, and a recipient of the Jane Jacobs Award, and an honorary Doctor of Laws (Toronto Metropolitan University), Saul is currently the co-founder and CEO of Community Food Centres Canada. For more than 30 years, he has worked in partnership with low-income communities, ensuring people live with dignity, health and equity.

Saul began his three-year term on May 14, 2020.

Past University Chancellors

Samuel Sobieski Nelles 1884–1887

Nathanael Burwash 1887–1913

Richard Pinch Bowles 1913–1930

Edward Wilson Wallace 1930–1941

Walter Theodore Brown 1941–1944

Alexander Spencer 1944–1952

Lester Bowles Pearson 1952–1959

Louis Breithaupt 1959–1960

Chancellorship vacant 1960–1978

H. Northrop Frye C.C., 1978–1991

Sang Chul Lee 1992–1998

Kenneth Douglas Taylor 1998–2004

Norman Frederick Jewison 2004–2010

Wendy Marion Cecil 2010–2017

Carole (Goss) Taylor 2017–2020

Nick Saul 2020–