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At Victoria University we recognize and value the contributions and dedication of staff and faculty. Our three employee awards acknowledge those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the University through dedicated service and excellence. Read more about each award, including about nomination processes, below.

The Employee Award of Excellence

Employee Award of Excellence nomination form

The Victoria University Employee Award of Excellence has been created to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of a Victoria University staff member whose dedicated service is vital to the success of the University.

One award will be handed out annually to an individual who demonstrates excellence in one or more of the following ways:

  • Leadership with a significant impact on the University and its mission;
  • Collaboration and partnership initiatives across all units to improve efficiencies and services to the community;
  • Sustained high level of service to a broad cross-section of the University community;
  • Innovation and quality improvement;
  • Program development;
  • Community engagement and enhancement of Victoria University’s reputation.

Nominations may reflect ongoing contributions or a particular project/initiative in which the nominee played a critical role.

The recipient receives:

  • A framed certificate presented by the recipient’s manager;
  • A monetary award of $1,000*


  • All Victoria University employees (USW, Professional/Managerial, Confidential, and Librarians);
  • Employees may receive the award but only once every three years;
  • Nominators must be staff, students, faculty or alumni or current members of the Board of Regents;
  • Nominees cannot nominate themselves.


A memo will be distributed each year to all eligible staff, announcing the opening for nominations. A committee consisting of one (1) USW, (1) PM/C, (1) Librarian will meet to review all nominations and select the recipient of the award*. 

The Margaret Ray and Florence Pratt Award

Award Application for the Margaret Ray and Florence Pratt Award

Terms of the Margaret Ray and Florence Pratt Award

About the Margaret Ray and Florence Pratt Award

Margaret V. Ray, a retired Victoria University Librarian who died in 1982, bequested a financial award in the name of Margaret Ray and Florence Pratt be awarded to an eligible Victoria University employee, every year.

Margaret Ray was very aware that many people over the years have given devoted service to Victoria University and yet some of them, particularly the library staff, have not often been eligible for awards or grants. She was very conscious that many of these dedicated persons, after ten or more years of service, seriously need some time to recreate their energies and revive their spirits; she also knew that Victoria University is blessed by the loyal service of many people other than library staff. She therefore hoped that occasionally this award might be made to members of the administrative and other support staff. 

This award recognizes an employee at Victoria University with at least 10 years of full-time service. On an annual basis, one staff member will be honoured in this category for their continued dedication and contributions to the University.

The recipient receives:

  • Lump sum payment (2020 Award value: $7,800) ** – or
  • Paid Leave of Absence **
  • A letter of recognition and gratitude from the President at Victoria University

** Recipients are permitted to request a combination of lump sum payment and time off.


  1. Staff with at least 10 years of full-time service at Victoria University;
  2. The award shall be made to one applicant per year from the eligible pool of employees;
    the two pools are:
  • Library Staff
  • Other staff (USW, Confidential, PM)

Eligibility for the award will follow the schedule below:

  • 2024 – Library Staff
  • 2025 – Other Staff
  • 2026 – Library Staff
  • 2027 – Other Staff
  • 2028 – Library Staff


A memo will be circulated by HR confirming the eligible employee group and the application deadline each year. Staff are required to complete the application form and submit to HR prior to the application deadline.

Please note: Recipients are required to provide a brief summary or a verbal description to the committee of how the award was used. The summary will specify how this award helped the successful individual realize their own plan for “reviving their spirits.”

The David Prediger Award

David Prediger was an employee at Victoria University from 1990-2017, completing a very successful career as the Director of Physical Plant.  He is remembered as an exceptionally loyal, committed, and kind-hearted member of the Victoria University community. This award, in David’s memory, was established by his wife, Angela Prediger, Associate Registrar at Victoria University, along with his family, colleagues and friends.

The David Prediger Award recognizes an exemplary administrative staff member at Victoria University who embodies the following character traits:


  • Loyalty to the institution, its values and its mission;
  • Loyalty to the team that one is a part of; and
  • Loyalty to each member of the team to ensure success in performing one’s duties for the overall good of the University.


  • Commitment to achieving personal goals throughout their entire career at the University;
  • Commitment to achieving institutional goals and objectives;
  • Commitment to ensuring the well-being of all members of the Victoria University community, particularly that of staff and their families;
  • Commitment to achieving excellence in one’s responsibility;
  • Commitment to achieving and maintaining respect for others; and
  • Commitment to building a trustworthy environment in the workplace.

The award will be given to one deserving individual each year through a nomination process.

To learn more, please refer to the Terms of Reference document


A memo will be circulated each year by HR to confirm the deadline for submitting nominations.

Please complete and submit The David Prediger Award nomination form to Human Resources via email.

Past Award Recipients


  • The Employee Award of Excellence: Ali Kehl
  • The Margaret Ray and Florence Pratt Award: Jerry Nogas
  • The David Prediger Award: Janet Bradley


  •  The Employee Award of Excellence: Paul Robinson
  • The Margaret Ray and Florence Pratt Award: Roma Kail
  • The David Prediger Award: Wanda Chin


  • The Employee Award of Excellence:
    • Carmen Socknat
    • Milly Weidhaas
  • The Margaret Ray and Florence Pratt Award: Mark Perris
  • The David Prediger Award: Candace Zinkweg