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In this section you'll find information on everything from requesting vacation days to the growing number of HR services you can access online via Dayforce, like making an address changes or submitting a change in family status.

If you are new to Victoria and need help logging into Dayforce or you just have questions, HR can help guide you through any  necessary forms and procedures. 

Requesting time off, recording overtime and lieu-time hours

Requesting Time Off

All requests for time off must be made on Dayforce and approved by managers, in accordance to the applicable collective agreement and policy. Instructions on how to request time off in Dayforce.

Overtime/ Lieu-Time Hours

Please be advised that all overtime hours must be pre-approved by managers. Managers are required to enter overtime and lieu-time hours on Dayforce for there employees, thereby providing approval. How to enter overtime hours in Dayforce

Changes to personal information and/or family status

Changing Personal Information

You may login to Dayforce to update your personal contact information. Please update such information at your earliest opportunity. 

Change in Family Status

Please notify HR of any changes to your family status (marriage, divorce, separation, etc.) as there may be implications to your benefits and pension. HR may request documentation to support the change in family status (ex. marriage license). Please login to Dayforce to submit information such as a marraige licence to advise HR of the change.


Congratulations on your new arrival! Please notify HR to initiate the maternity, parental, adoption or caregiver leave process. Please provide at least three months notice prior to the arrival of your child. HR will book an appointment with you to discuss required documentation and logistics associated with your leave. The maternity, adoption, parental, caregiver leave form must be completed and submitted to HR.

Resignation or retirement

Resignation or Retirement

Resignation: Please provide appropriate notice of resignation to your manager. Additionally, please notify HR in writing as there may be implications associated with your benefits and pension.

Retirement: Congratulation on your retirement! HR is excited to schedule a meeting with you to plan for your upcoming retirement. Please provide at least three months notice to allow for the timely completion of the required pension documentation. This notice must be submitted as a written letter to your manager and HR, confirming the date of retirement. HR will be in touch shortly after to schedule an appointment.