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Victoria University provides support to its employees through its comprehensive benefits packages. The University offers a variety of resources and programs that strive to support a positive work environment, foster healthy and engaged employees and promote overall well-being. In this section, you will find information about your group’s benefit plan, pension plan and other related benefits.

Childcare Benefits

Childcare Benefit Eligibility: 

Victoria University employees are entitled to submit expenses for reimbursement for each eligible child under the age of 7. Eligible children include a biological, step, common-law, or adopted child or ward under the age of 7. For example, if your child has a birthdate of July 18, you are eligible for the months January – July, inclusive since your child turned 7 in July. Definitions of eligible caregivers under the Income Tax Act can be found on the CRA website

Child Care Benefit Application for Claim Form

Plan Year: 

The plan year runs from January 1 to December 31.

Benefit entitlement: 

Childcare expenses of up to $20/full day (6 hours or more of care) and $10/half-day (4-6 hours of care) per eligible child will be reimbursed at 50% to a maximum of $2,300 per child per plan year, subject to the plan maximum. The maximum reimbursement amount will be pro-rated for part-time staff or for staff who have worked less than the full year. Each employee group plan has a maximum total amount that will be paid out per year. If the total number of claims in a given year exceeds the defined maximum, then the amount of the reimbursement for all claims will be pro-rated so that total claims do not exceed the maximum.

Applying for Reimbursement: 

Eligible staff should retain their receipts for childcare expenses for each eligible child. Claims must be submitted by no later than March 22 for the prior plan year using the Child Care Benefit Application for Claim Form. Copies of receipts must be submitted with the application form to Human Resources at Please note that late forms will not be accepted. A separate application form is required for each child and each childcare provider. You will need to obtain a signature from your childcare provider confirming the number of hours and the daily rates claimed on the form.

After all claims have been processed, you will receive a payment for your eligible expenses by cheque, usually by the end of April. The reimbursement is considered a T4 taxable benefit and is subject to legislative deductions including income tax, Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance. If you have any questions about the child care benefit plan, please contact Human Resources at

Dependent Tuition
Employee and Family Assistance Program

Eligible Victoria University employees and their families can access any of the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) services with TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) as of May 24, 2022. In an emergency or crisis situation, immediate support is available. Please be assured that when you use the program, it is completely confidential.  

TELUS Health programs and services are uniquely responsive to the varied audiences, cultures, demographics and stakeholder groups within the higher education environment. 

TELUS Health will provide the full range of health and wellness services that are currently available to the U of T community, including:  

  • Confidential short-term counselling  
  • Crisis management support  
  • Online resources  
  • Wellness sessions
  • Enhanced understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion as it relates to supporting employee well-being 
  • Ability to accommodate over 200 languages   
  • Ability to match preferred demographics of available counsellors   
  • An innovative and accessible Total Well-being App with interactive tools, programs and instant chat feature to support employee well-being at work and home 

How to Access TELUS Health

  1. Register for a LifeWorks account using  your University of Toronto work email
  2. Check your inbox for a LifeWorks registration email containing a unique invite code, then follow the registration instructions provided 

How to Contact TELUS Health

Access your Employee and Family Assistance Program 24/7:


If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at  

Employee Benefit Plan
Information about Employee Leaves

There are anumber of options available to employees who require a leave of absence for personal, educational, or professional matters. The USW Collective Agreement also outlines conditions for an employee's unpaid leave of absence.  

If you are applying for a leave and have questions or concerns, please contact


Information about self-funded leaves

Self-funded leave application form

Pension Information
Short-Term Disability and Accommodation

Victoria University offers eligible employees paid time away from work due to illness or injury. Employees also receive support should they require accommodation within the workplace for health reasons.

University Pension Plan (UPP)

Victoria University is pleased to offer all appointed staff, faculty and librarians an employee discount program called WorkPerks

Access unique savings from brand-name companies and smaller shops around the Greater Toronto Area and online. Discounts can be found for items including tickets, dining, shoes, clothes and personal care. There are currently over 700 vendors offering discounts and more are added each month. Victoria University, through the University of Toronto, provides this program at no cost to you. 

How to Create Your Account

  • To create your personal account, go to, click on the green ‘go’ icon in the top left corner, select ‘create account’ and enter your University of Toronto email address.  
  • Once you create an account, all subsequent communications will be between you and WorkPerks directly.
  • When you create your personal account, please keep a record of your username and password.  Victoria University will not have access to your personal account and will not be able to retrieve this information in the event it is lost or misplaced.

WorkPerks is a voluntary program. You can sign up any time after the 10th of the month following receipt of your first pay.

If you are having difficulty creating your account, contact or 1-866-3VENNGO.

Please contact Human Resources at for more information on how to get a email address.

More information about these perks can be found on the University of Toronto Human Resources and Equity page.