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Sustainability is important to Victoria University. Based on the total amount of waste generated and materials recycled and reused, the waste diversion rate through existing programs at Victoria University is approximately 66%. Victoria University’s diversion rate exceeds the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation & Parks (MECP) provincial objective of 60% waste diversion. This is an impressive result.

Victoria University’s Sustainability Committee also includes student representatives from the VUSAC Sustainability Commission. Learn more about the Commission here.

Sustainability Annual Report 2018-2019


Energy savings and sustainability initiatives undertaken last year:

Forming of Vic Sustainability Committee, with terms and references.

Active promotion of recycling and waste diversion via our Sustainability Committee. 

Bottle filling station installation in the EJ Pratt Librar, Isabel Bader Theatre and Cat’s Eye.

Washroom upgrades in Burwash Dining Hall, Annesley Hall and Emmanuel College: washroom fixtures have low flow and washbasins have been equipped with motion sensors.

Window refurbishment in Lillian Massey building.

Stage lighting retrofit to LED in the Isabel Bader Theatre; completion expected in next two months.

All new electrical lighting fixtures to be LED.

All new and replacement of building ventilation fans and pump motors to have Variable Speed Drive to ensure maximum efficiency at all load conditions: Isabel Bader Theatre, Annesley Hall and Rowell Jackman Hall already undertaken.

Building Automation systems must facilitate scheduling of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as per occupancy in academic sites. Future improvements to include remote monitoring of all systems, including utilities use.

Motion sensor lights in as many spaces as safely possible.

Programmed sprinkler systems for grounds irrigation to reduce water usage.

All new mechanical and electrical equipment must be rated as high efficiency. 

Replacement of fan coil units in Rowell Jackman Hall: 137 digital thermostats with high efficiency motors.

Replacement of air-cooled chiller on roof in Lillian Massey building using high efficiency unit, less kilowatts compared to old chiller.

Future initiatives:

Consideration for sub-metering of energy use (mechanical and electrical) in all buildings.

Installation of water meters to the feeds for grounds sprinkler systems to accurately note usage.

All campus exterior lamp posts (approx. 125) to be replaced with LED lighting in next two to three years in phased projects. All fixtures will also be programmed to accommodate seasonal variations.

Creation of Mechanical, Electrical and Construction design standards for Victoria University in compliance with The Energy Modelling Standard that must be met for new designs, new construction and major renovations. We expect to have these standards formalized in one year.

Within next two years, have a third party consultant carry our Energy Audits of all our facilities and compare results data to peer facilities to measure energy efficiency performances. 

Continue with bottle water filling stations installation at all our facilities to reduce plastic water bottle use. 

Starting in 2020, carry out multi-year projects to replace/refurbish all windows at Burwash Hall residences to reduce heat loss/drafts and to protect the integrity of this heritage structure.

Within one year, engage an Energy Efficiency Consultant to carry out feasibility of installing a Geo Thermal system and Solar panels at our Campus.

Continue with lighting retrofits throughout campus to LED. 

Designated tab for sustainability on this web site.

Sustainability Committee: Terms of Reference Sept. 2018

 Terms of Reference to include two sections: 

  • Membership  
  • Mandate 



1. Director of Physical Plant (Chair of the Committee) or his/her designate. 

Bursar and CAO

3. Director of Business and Ancillary Services

4. One representative from the Dean of Students

5. Two representatives from VUSAC per academic year

6. One student representative from Residence Council       

7. Administrative Manager, Physical Plant, in the capacity of recording secretary

8. Senior Administrators including President to attend meetings as guests whenever possible


Mandate: Sustainability committee is strictly an advisory committee to University.

1. To promote sustainability and greening initiatives throughout the campus, its operations and functions.

2. Advise Senior Administration on sustainable projects which can be undertaken.

3. Advise on ways to reduce our carbon footprint, Solar arrays, Geo Thermal, Net Zero, etc. 

4. Advise on inclusion of minimum verifiable sustainability standards (LEED, Net Zero, LED’s, irrigation, Geo Thermal etc.) in our design standards.

5. Advise on waste diversion and reduction. 

6. Be the green ambassadors for VIC. 

7. Keep records of projects undertaken to improve sustainability on campus. 

8.  To meet semi- annually with formal minutes.

9.Liaison with U of T Tri-Campus Sustainability Committee to share and exchange green initiatives and information.

 10. Prepare an annual report for the committee.  


Few Long-term, future goals of this committee:

1. Link to Sustainability Committee and its initiatives on our website (Sustainability tab). 

2. List accomplishments and future goals per sustainability.

3. Link to design standards on our website. 

4. Ability to leave comments/suggestions. 

5. Update sustainability tab at least annually.

6. Link to real time utilities use per facility- Dash Board. 


Sustainability Committee Meeting Minutes