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U of T College of Electors

Established in 1971 by the Governing Council which oversees the affairs of the University of Toronto, the College of Electors is responsible for electing the University’s Chancellor and the eight alumni members of the Governing Council. The 47 College members are elected or appointed by U of T’s alumni associations and serve a four-year term that begins on July 1. College members must acquaint themselves with how the Governing Council and its Boards and Committees function and what is required from its alumni governors.

The College of Electors meets five times a year for two hours. Victoria has three representatives on the College of Electors. Currently they are Josephine Comegna Vic 0T8, Cynthia Elson Vic 6T5, Paul Haynes Vic 9T9. For more information, you may go to the College of Electors’ website and also contact the Vic Alumni Association at

Friends of Victoria University Library

We are alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends who share an active interest in the well–being of the heartbeat of Vic—its magnificent libraries.

Alumni of Victoria College Executive

President: Ms. Astrid-Maria Ciarallo 0T8
Past-President: Ms. Kayley Collum 0T7

Members at Large

Ms. Kathryn Cumming 7T4 - Friends of the Library
Ms. Diane Dyer 6T2 - VWA
Mr. Akash Goel Vic 1T1
Mr. Jamie Janiero Vic 1T0
Ms. Alexa Ballis, VUSAC President
Ms. Jordan LoMonaco Vic 1T8
Ms. Lisa Taillefer 9T6

Ex-Officio Members

President of Victoria University: Prof. William Robins
Principal of Victoria College: Prof. Angela Esterhammer Vic 8T3
Permanent Class Executive President 2018: Helen Hayes Vic 1T8
Chair, Governance & University Affairs Committee of the Victoria University Board of Regents: Lisa Khoo, Vic 8T9
Executive Director, Alumni Affairs & Advancement: Mrs. Louise (Huntingford) Yearwood 8T6
Secretary: To be determined