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Chelsea Chioma Anthony Receives The Ellis M. Ostovich Scholarship

Oct. 09, 2020

Hailing from Nigeria, Chelsea Anthony has made a name for herself as both a top student and member of the community. Majoring in neuroscience and political science, Anthony has achieved outstanding academic success, but it’s her willingness to give back that truly sets her apart. In addition to her work helping incoming students as a senior transition mentor at Victoria College, Anthony is also a part-time volunteer at Toronto Western Hospital, handling everything from scheduling appointments to working with patients and assisting doctors. As president of the Nigerian Students Association, Anthony found a way to connect with her roots and foster the kind of environment that brings people together. “The Nigerian Students Association is pretty important for a lot of Nigerians because it’s a home away from home,” she says. “The fact that I’m able to help maintain that community, and provide a space for my peers, is special to me. To be able to keep that community alive, especially with COVID-19, is really important.” It would be tough to find a more deserving recipient of the The Ellis M. Ostovich Scholarship, which is awarded to a student in a double-major program that includes both depth and breadth in two different fields of study and who demonstrates superior participation in creative extracurricular projects. “I’m very grateful for the award,” Anthony says. “A lot of the things that I participate in remind me of home or allow me to help others find a path forward. It means a lot to be recognized for something so dear to me.”

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