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Victoria University Releases Strategic Framework 2021–2026

Jun. 15, 2021

Victoria University has released its Strategic Framework for 2021–2026. The framework is an institutional document that describes the University’s ethos, mission and objectives, as well as a high-level vision of the overarching strategic aspirations of the University for the next five years. As President William Robins notes, this Strategic Framework “charts an ambitious path for Victoria University to take in order to build on its strengths, realize its aspirations, and adapt to change.”

At the framework’s core are four themes: a strong, inclusive community; an inspiring sense of place; outstanding academic offerings; and signature learning experiences. These themes are then presented in the document as Belonging, Encountering, Exploring and Transforming. The University’s distinctiveness lies in ensuring that all four of these aspects of engagement—belonging, encountering, exploring and transforming—are prioritized, and that all four work together. Following a description of each theme, a series of commitments are identified as well as actionable directions the University has taken or will take in the next five years.

The Strategic Framework 2021–2026 (PDF)

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