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Yutong Lu Receives The Bev and Harvey Botting Scholarship

Oct. 05, 2020

Yutong Lu, currently in her second year of being an applied statistics specialist, finds wonder in numbers. She has also a keen interest in life sciences that has led her to focus on health and diseases. Lu has, as most of Vic’s scholarship winners do, even broader interests, too. “I’m also in media studies, and I’m fascinated by photography, digital art and all forms of art in general. With all the things happening in the year 2020, it allows me to reflect on myself and to recognize the critical relationship between public health and statistics.” Lu’s academic achievements have been recognized with The Bev and Harvey Botting Scholarship. “Winning this award means a lot to me—it truly validates my hard work and allows me to move forward both financially and mentally,” says Lu. “As an international student, I struggle under pressure from tuition, rent and all the expenses that come with this global pandemic. It’s really nice to relieve some of the stress for me and my family. This award is very motivating and inspires me to try my best in this school year as well.”

The Bev and Harvey Botting Scholarship

Harvey Botting Vic 6T7 has always felt “lucky” that he attended Victoria College. Since graduation, he has supported the Annual Fund and has contributed an invaluable amount of volunteer hours working on boards and committees of Victoria University and the University of Toronto. “My time at Vic was extremely compelling and transformative and I feel good knowing that I am making a positive impact on this generation of students,” he says. “Vic is highly committed to accepting students based on their merit, which also means some students need financial assistance.” In 2017 he and his wife created The Bev and Harvey Botting Scholarship to support and encourage Victoria College students “in pursuit of their intellectual growth.” This scholarship is given based on academic merit. Victoria College is indeed lucky to have supportive alumni such as Botting and is so grateful for his commitment.

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