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Residence Meal Plans

All students living in residence must purchase one of the following meal plans:

  1. Meal Plan A: Cost $5,388, 5,088 Meal Dollars, 300 Vic Dollars (taxable)

  2. Meal Plan B: Cost $5,946, 5,446 Meal Dollars, 500 Vic Dollars (taxable)

  3. Meal Plan C: Cost $4688, 4488 Meal Dollars, 200 Vic Dollars (taxable)*
    * This plan is only available for upper-year students

Please Note:

  • Vic dollars and meal dollars may not be substituted for each other.
  • Refunds are not available for unused meal dollars and Vic dollars.
  • Unused meal dollars cannot be converted to Vic dollars.
  • There is no carryover of meal dollars at the end of your residence contract. If you are a registered student, the remaining Vic Dollars may be spent throughout the summer months and can be carried over until winter closure, December 2021.*

    Due to special circumstances as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic this deadline has since been extended until April 29, 2022. Carried over Vic Dollars are taxable.

Additional Meal Plans

Residents who wish to top up their meal plans may purchase additional Vic Dollars or Meal Dollars in the following allotments:

  1. 50 Vic Dollars for $50 (taxable)
  2. 100 Vic Dollars for $100 (taxable)
  3. 50 Meal Dollars for $50 (non-taxable)
  4. 100 Meal Dollars for $100 (non-taxable)
  5. 200 Meal Dollars for $200 (non-taxable)

Additional meal plans can be purchased from the front desk at Margaret Addison Hall, 140 Charles Street West.

Meal Service Information

  • Students are not able to switch meal plans after September 15, 2021.
  • Victoria University serves 19 meals a week: three meals are served on weekdays; brunch and dinner are served on weekends, holidays, and during Reading Weeks (November 8-12, 2021), (February 21-25, 2022).
  • Regular meal service begins at brunch on August 28, 2021.
  • The last meal in December is dinner on December 21, 2021.
  • The first meal back after the winter break is dinner on January 9, 2022.
  • No meal service is provided during the winter break.
  • The last meal in the second term is dinner on April 29, 2022.