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Graduates Holiday Lecture 

Celebrate the holiday season and attend Dr. Jill Heinerth's presentation titled "The Fine Art and Science of Cave Diving."

Mary Chapman | Reparative Archival Work

We are pleased to invite you to the Northrop Frye Centre Lecture given by Mary Chapman from the University of British Columbia.

Mary Chapman | Learn to use StoryMaps to tell interactive histories

It is geared towards students interested in interactive storytelling.

John Borrows | The Resurgence of Indigenous Law

The Vic One Plenary session is a weekly guest lecture series, exposing students to different areas of investigation.

Guillem Colom-Montero | Overtourism and Culture in Europe

The NFC is pleased to invite you to a talk by Dr. Guillem Colom-Montero from the University of Glasgow.

VWA | Vic Now: Current Issues at Victoria College

Vic Now explores current issues confronting the Victoria College Office of the Dean of Students, Vic students and alumni.

Kate J. Russell | Family Values: John Waters' Concept of Cult

UPDATED DATE on JAN 25, 2024. This is a hybrid event; a Zoom link will be sent out to those who register for a virtual attendance ticket.

VWA | Un-settling Upper Canada: Real & Fictional Colonies in the 1820s

This presentation scrutinizes narratives of settlement, revealing how fiction, poetry, accident and delusion blended in early Canadian history.

VWA | Painted Out of the Picture: The Wives of the Group of Seven

Author/curator Angie Littlefield explores the wives of the Group of Seven and the roles these women played in shaping their husbands' careers.